Communities of Practice: Online Peer Assessment of Clinical Decision Making Scenarios

J. Yorke and C. Boulanger (UK)


Clinical Decisions, Scenario, Internet, Online, Self andPeer Assessment


Nurses need to be able to make rapid and effective clinical decisions, solving complex problems in situations where accurate judgement is vital. Traditional methods of developing accurate decision making include lectures, small group sessions, practical scenarios and `on the job' training. This study reports work in progress to develop a series of online clinical scenarios, available on the Internet via a standard web browser. This work builds on an earlier study conducted by the authors which suggested that online scenarios have a good potential for supporting learning, due to their flexible and non-threatening nature. In this evolution of the approach, it is now possible to take different pathways through a wider range of scenarios. The `difficulty level' of each scenario can be set to one of three levels, allowing for differing prior knowledge and experience, providing a progressive route both horizontally and vertically. In addition to measures of self-confidence, anonymous peer review is built in with a view to developing a supportive community of practitioners.

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