Self Examination for an Activity Planning and Progress Following Tool

N. Şen Köktaş and N. Yalabik (Turkey)


SDDL, self-planning, progress following


This paper presents an overview of the design and implementation of an Activity Planning and Progress Following Tool (APT) for e-learning. APT is a software based support tool designed to assist learners with their self directed distance learning (SDDL). "Planning", "feedback" and "resources" are the important features of SDDL. APT was developed and implemented by adding corresponding features to a Learning Management Tool called Content Administration Tool (CAT), which was developed by another study. APT combines all three properties in "one" software and in that aspect it is aimed to be a complete web based tool for SDDL. Planning features that are developed are "Recommended Study Time Periods", "Study Planning" and "User Goals" modules. "Progress Following" and "Resources" modules provide feedback and resources features respectively. This paper presents a newly added feature "self-exam" module in addition to other features of APT.

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