The HERMES Project: Integrating Medical Services, Training and Education on an Innovative Satellite Web-Platform

N. Casalino and F. Di Persio (Italy)


Satellite communications, DVB, consulting, medicaltraining, web-based platform, e-learning, clinical trial.


The technical advances being made in telecommunications are opening up more and more exciting possibilities. Wireless and satellite transmission capabilities have increased while costs per unit time have decreased. All of this makes telemedicine more feasible. The paper describes the preliminary results of European HERMES research project to develop and evaluate an on-line integrated web-based platform with the implementation of satellite communication technologies, related to multimedia services in telemedicine and tele education fields. Telemedicine can play an important role in improving health services. The advantages that satellite communications can bring to telemedicine include instant access to broadband services, particularly in remote areas where telecommunications are poor or non existent and swift response in disaster situations where speed is essential.

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