Web-based Teaching and Training Network (TT-Net): An Interdisciplinary Approach

J.E.W. Zajaczek, M. Behrends, I. Köster, T. Brinker, T. Rodt, G.F. Walter, H. Becker, and H.K. Matth


National Projects on Virtual Universities and Web-basedEducation, Interdisciplinary, Multimedia, Self Study


Multimedia and information technologies offer manifold educational and training opportunities. Especially considering the education of physicians web-technologies promise to advance Teaching and Training. Virtual learning tools are available independent from location and time and promote self-determined learning and facilitate a better understanding of complex anatomy and pathology. The web-based character is profitable considering oeconomic ressources not only of a particular hospital but of an entire health care system. The project "Teaching and Training Network" involves several german partners. It is an interdisciplinary attempt to apply new technologies to medical education considering the clinical neurosciences as example for medical sciences.

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