The Role of the Learning Centers for Web-based Distance Education

M. Hattinger and U.L. Snis (Sweden)


Web-based education, flexible education, distanceeducation, learning centres, learning context, organisation


Distance Education (DE) is not a new phenomenon but information technology has increased the use and accessibility to education anywhere and anytime. In Sweden, it is possible to study online courses on university level, using locally placed learning centres (LC). Focus of the study was to get a better understanding of what role locally learning environment, has on students performance. 14 interviews were conducted on Arvika LC, with both students and LC staff. The result show that a LC promote socialisation, technical and administrative support. Communication on organisational and pedagogical levels between LC, universities and students are though not satisfactory. Thus, we argue for the importance of learning centres as mediators to facilitate a locally constructed learning context.

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