Integrated Web based Support for the Lifelong Learner

J. Yorke, D. Croot, M. Leslie, S. Lloyd, and J. Bennett (UK)


Lifelong, Learning, SHELL Project, Learner Record


This paper describes the progress made by the SHELL Project, a partnership between further (FE) and higher education (HE) institutions. The SHELL Project aims to support the lifelong learner - particularly HE learners in FE. Registration processes for these learners are traditionally slow, and SHELL is working to streamline and automate data transfer between FE and HE institutions. We intend that this rapid transfer will allow learners to access HE facilities such as library and electronic resources in a timely fashion. In some cases, this may even open up access that was previously not available. Furthermore, by sharing records of results between participating institutions, SHELL is aiming to gather together learner data in the form of a "learner record", to be accessible by students wherever they are in the world using a web based portal. This learner record portal will also be linked to facilities that support learner personal and professional development planning for the future- available to students long after they leave their place of study.

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