e-Learner Tracking: Tools for Discovering Learner Behaviour

J. Hardy, M. Antonioletti, and S.P. Bates (UK)


Virtual learning environment, e-Learning, tracking tools


To be effective an e-Learning environment must be able to enrich and support student-centred learning. In order to evaluate the effectiveness and hence refine the e-Learning approach, it is important to understand how learners make use of the e-Learning materials and interact with the associated delivery environment. This paper presents a set of tools to track, analyse and display learners' interactions within a virtual learning environment (VLE). The information obtained is used to derive views of the data, including coverage of the course content, information about the users of the system and routes taken through the course. These can provide a valuable input when evaluating the effectiveness of the e-Learning materials and framework. The tooling is extensible and can provide additional views of data if required. The tools are not coupled to any VLE, so can be used to supplement existing tracking data.

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