Development and Evaluation of an ODL Course on Medical Image Processing

C. Badea and N. Pallikarakis (Greece)


Open Distance Learning, Collaborative Learning Model,Image Processing.


Image processing is an attractive subject to explore the Collaborative Learning Model (CLM) paradigm in Open Distance Learning (ODL). An on-line course on Medical Image Processing following the principles of collaborative learning has been developed and evaluated. Each concept of the course is available in three levels of complexity. The first level shows only a very general description, actually the main idea. If the user is interested to continue, a second level is accessible, were the concept is explained in a more detailed manner. Moreover, for some concepts requiring complicated mathematical proofs, a third level is available. The course was evaluated and found appropriate by students of the European Course on Biomedical Engineering organized by the Dept. of Medical Physics, University of Patras, Greece. The course is available on line at

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