Applying an LMS to Large Language Classes

P. Grew, I. Longhi, F. De Cindio, and L.A. Ripamonti (Italy)


: learning management system, LMS, on-screen testing, online teaching. Corresponding author: Philip Grew; Dipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione, Universit degli Studi di Milano; Via Comelico


: Having applied an open-source LMS to about two thousand on-screen English exams for required courses that are part of the Universit di Milano's computer science short-degree program, the authors report on some of the interesting effects of using such a system. Large class size led to the adoption of an LMS designed for distance learning as a platform for automated test marking. A greater sense of belonging among students has resulted. Upon completion of a test, students immediately see where they stand vis--vis the group at large, and students who have not attended class can be brought into the system/community.

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