ARCHeMEDES, A Knowledge Management System for Supporting Integrated Education

J. Reumers, T. Moens, T. Hoebeek, M. Mollaert, and K. Steenhaut (Belgium)


e-learning, content management, knowledge management, integrative learning


In this paper we will present the knowledge management system ARCHeMEDES we have been developing for the department of architecture of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In the training of engineer-architect, interplay between design methodology on the one hand and the scientific background on the other hand is crucial. Design methodology uses the integrated knowledge of the scientific course material and the scientific courses refer to examples of designs as relevant applications. For realizing this integrative way of education, we propose the use of a Knowledge Management System (KMS). The current prototype is operational for the architecture students of our university. Although not all features are available at the time, the system is already a working entity.

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