Design and Implementation of Communication System and Document Management Features on Web-based Learning Application

R. Setiabudy, A.A.P. Ratna, M. Salman, and A.H. Sumantoro (Indonesia)


document management, communication system, web-based learning.


To produce an effective e-learning application, the developer must pay attention to several important factors, which are: design process of the application, basic concepts and techniques that be based on, and the features that is going to be developed. The design process of the application consists of several continuing phases. Those phases are planning, designing, implementation and evaluation. The Object Oriented Programmming, Template, and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) techniques are applied in design and implementation phases. The features that are developed are Communication System - designed to enhance interaction - and Document Management Features which are designed as the tools to organize documents in many data formats. After going through system testing, it can be assured that those features are able to fullfil their functional system requirements.

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