Beyond Simple Sequencing: Sequencing of Learning Activities using Hierarchical Graphs

S. Gutiérrez. R.M. García Rioja, A. Pardo, and C. Delgado Kloos (Spain)


IMS, content sequencing, hierarquical graphs


One of the main challenges when developing Elearning systems is the capability to adapt the learning experience to different users. This adaptability requires a flexible scheme for sequencing the learning material to different students. Content sequencing has been recently included in standard ization efforts such as SCORM or IMS, namely IMS Sim ple Sequencing. But, is this sequencing scheme generic enough to support a wide variety of strategies? Is there a need for a "non-simple sequencing"? This document presents a procedure to translate a powerful sequencing mechanism based on hierarchical graphs specifying arbi trary transitions between learning units into the IMS Sim ple Sequencing standard. It can be seen that even though the translation can be performed correctly, several aspects have a non-trivial translation, suggesting areas for further exploration.

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