Creating Meta-information Database on Online Educational Resources for English as a Foreign Language

J. Azuma (Japan)


English as a Foreign Language, Meta-information Database, Reusable Learning Objects for Web-based Education, Search Difficulty


This paper describes the problems involved in searching existing online resources suitable for teaching materials of English as a foreign language (EFL) and proposes an implementation of a meta-information database on online educational resources for EFL using a next-generation Internet server called "Hyperwave. " Using the "remote document" publishing function offered by Hyperwave, we can publish only the URL information of preferred online objects together with the separate and editable meta information desciption of the objects. As Hyperwave has an internal search system, and some part of the meta information description is searchable, we can easily search for the information on the URLs of appropriate online resources by entering some keywords, if the server has an ample reservoir of remote documents. It is also argued that this type of meta-information database is indispensable for the disciplines where instances or linguistic corpora representing a certain teaching concept are often searched instead of the teaching concepts themselves.

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