Reusing Document Formats for Modular Course Development

A. Baudry, M. Bungenstock, and B. Mertsching (Germany)


WBE, Learning Objects, Reusability, SCORM


This paper presents a concept for reusing different document formats such as Latex, Docbook or Word for the creation of elearning material based on modular units. In order to reuse parts of digital documents, they have to be split up into small manageable pieces. These small units would be used for the building of new elearning courses which are composable with existing learning objects. For making them compatible with each other, the IMS Content Package and ADL SCORM specifications are used. These standards provide a mechanism for the definition of the structure and communication rules of exchangeable learn ing units, but do not deal with the content. This is why we map the content of the documents to a style independent data structure supposed to provide consistent and modular e-learning courses.

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