<e-aula>: A Personalized E-Learning System based on Educational Standards and Markup Languages

P. Sancho, B. Manero, B. Fernández-Manjón (Spain)


educational hypermedia, e-learning standards, markup technologies, virtual class, adaptive multimedia


This paper presents the work done and the conclusions obtained in project, a pilot e-learning system conceived as a research platform to study the possibilities enabled by educational standards under two main features: content reuse of previously existing educational material, and content adaptation to meet individual needs (basically students' previous knowledge and his / her knowledge objectives). Under our project frame we have developed a learning environment based on IMS specifications. At this project stage, the following IMS specifications are already implemented: metadata, content packaging, learner information, and question and test interoperability. The system is conceived under the learning object philosophy and makes extensive use of markup technologies in different granularity levels, to describe and handle object descriptions, so that content can be adapted and reused, but also to mark up all data needed to manage different activities involved in the learning process (such as managing student information or system use).

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