Towards the Creation of a Common Conception of Learning in Vocational Education

C. Karageorgopoulos (Greece)


virtual communities, vocational education, collaborative learning


This study sets out to outline research and development efforts to investigate whether a computer based environment can help in the formation of a common conception of learning in vocational education through the participation of learners in virtual communities and action teams. Teachers are meant to assume the leading role in them working towards the creation of such a common perception and the implementation of new teaching practices. Essential in this project is the way in which the change of the educational paradigm is implemented. The idea is that the educational model should not change by lecturing to teachers about educational practices, but rather by creating the particular framework which would orientate its users towards the application of a specific practice. Teachers are not examined separately from the wider community of learning, but rather as members of it along with pupils and professionals. Action research has been undertaken in order to generate data.

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