Web based Modules for Basic and Advanced Medical Education

U.V. Jan, C. Niederstadt, K. Döbler, S. Mahjob, C. Marx, and H.K. Matthies (Germany)


web modules, medical education, eLearning imple mentation, ILIAS, ELAN


In 2002, the Learning Lab Lower Saxony (L3S) was established in Hannover (Germany) to provide scientists from several participating universities with a common platform for researching innovative learning technologies. The L3S is a partner of the Wallenberg Global Learning Network. The government granted project ELAN, which is being co-ordinated by L3S, uses modern multimedia and information technology for presenting knowledge. In the context of this project, an interdisciplinary, multilin gual center for eLearning in medicine and dentistry is be ing realized at the Hannover Medical School. As part of this effort, a learning management system (ILIAS) has been established. So far, it contains modules for a variety of medical specialties, e.g. for general medicine, dentistry, opthalmology, neuropathology and chemistry.

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