Application of an Argument Support System for Learning the Dilemma of Environmental Issues in a High School Classroom and Its Evaluation

K. Ito, R. Samejima, K. Matsui, H. Shimoda, and H. Yoshikawa (Japan)


Environmental Education, Group Argument, Toulmin's Model, Argument Model, Argument Support System, Classroom Experiment


A dilemma of environmental issues is complex and controversial problem. In order to deal with this problem in education systems in schools, an argument support system of network community type, "ERDE", has been developed. The system employs an argument model, Toulmin's Model, which can explicitly visualize logical structures of the argument. Learners can improve their self-learning ability through this argument process by using ERDE. In order to evaluate ERDE, an experiment has been conducted in a high school classroom education. As the result, the students could make effective arguments about a given theme related to environmental issues using ERDE. And, it was found that they also evaluated the effectiveness of ERDE, from the answers of questionnaires.

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