The Interlearning Web-based Educational Software

P. Pouyioutas, D. Apraxine, D. Ktoridou, and M. Poveda (Cyprus)


Web-Based Teaching and Learning


InterLearning is a WEB based educational software developed at Intercollege, a College of Higher Education in Cyprus, to meet the need of a supplementary on-line teaching and learning tool. The software allows faculty members to develop and post on the WEB, educational material that is used as a supplement to the printed material available. It also supports lecturer-student and student-student communication. It is important however to note, that InterLearning is not a complete Distance Learning Educational software but a supporting tool, which allows the availability of teaching and learning material over the Web. In this paper we explain the functionality of the InterLearning system and compare it with the other commercially available products. We provide a brief comparison analysis of InterLearning with these tools. We also present the results of a survey conducted at Intercollege to find out the needs of faculty members in terms of Educational software for web teaching and learning. We then present the Interface and the Content design of InterLearning. Finally, we explain InterLearning's System Architecture and present some technical information of the system. We will be making the system available to the lecturers of the College and provide them with a complete manual and training. In our future work we will report on the usability, efficiency and effectiveness of the system both from the point of view of the lecturers and the students.

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