Inside the Java Intelligent Tutoring System Prototype: Parsing Student Code Submissions with Intent Recognition

E.R. Sykes and F. Franek (Canada)


Web-Based Education, Programming Tutors, e-Learning,Intelligent Tutoring Systems.


The "JavaTM Intelligent Tutoring System" (JITS) research project involves the development of a programming tutor designed for students in their first programming course in JavaTM at the College and University level. This paper describes recent progress on the work presented at the last WBE IASTED conference. The previous paper, entitled "A Prototype for an Intelligent Tutoring System for Students Learning to Program in JavaTM ", presented an overview of the architectural design including state-of-the-art web-based distributed architecture, the AI techniques used, and the programmer-optimized user interface. This paper delves further into the mechanism of the JavaTM Tutor which is responsible for the syntax and semantic analysis of the code that the student submits for a programming problem. The ultimate goal of this inner-component of JITS is to understand the `intent' of the student by carefully analyzing the student's code.

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