Could the Intraosseous Fluid in Cancellous Bone Bear External Load Significantly WITHIN the Elastic Range?

J.H. Hong (Korea)


Intraosseous Pressure, Bovine Cancellous Bone, Biomechanics


Cancellous bone is a two-phase material composed with the porous solid and fluid. The fluid phase fills the voids of the porous solid and occupies more than 85 % volume of cancellous bone. Since cancellous bone undergoes various biomechanical loadings, a question has been raised continuously: Could the intraosseous fluid in cancellous bone bear external load significantly? To answer the question, a specific experimental setup representing the most restrictive fluid flow boundaries around a bovine vertebral cancellous bone sample was designed. Then, a quasi-static loading is applied up to the strain of 0.6 % of with measuring intraosseous pressure change in the undrained and drained conditions. A significant intraosseous pressure generation was found in the undrained condition. In contrast, no intraosseous pressure generation was measured in the drained condition. The maximum external load bearing capability of fluid phase in bovine vertebral cancellous bone at the strain of 0.6 % was about 66 % of the total load in the experimental setup used in this study.

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