Two-dimensional Study of the Rheological Behavior of Soft Living Tissues

R. Reihsner, R.J. Beer, and H. Millesi (Austria)


Human Skin, Biomechanics, In vitro Rheology


Circular shaped specimens (45 mm diameter) were excised from the medial and lateral lower leg and shortly post mortem tested in an apparatus consisting of six machine axes (12 loading points arranged at the circumference of a 30 mm diameter circle). The apparatus developed by the authors allows deformation controlled loading of the specimens. Used were the following deformation procedures. Deformation was applied in each direction of the machine axes, with a ratio of the main components kept constant, as well as radial symmetric deformation serving as reference states. The deformation was applied step by step. The necessary forces in each step and loading points were measured using special load cells. From these measurements the rheological response (relaxation time and the elastic contribution to stress) was computed using two different least square methods. In this paper especially the relaxation time is given as a function of the applied radial reference strains.

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