Studies of Flow in the Physical Model of the Main Supplying and Cerebral Arteries

C. Krzysztof and C. Dariusz (Poland)


Hemodynamics, physical model, CW, nonlinearity of flow, arterial resistance.


The paper summarizes the results of experiments with liquid flows in the model of brain supplying arteries and the CW prepared on the basis of anatomical specimens. The most typical artery shapes and dimensions were modeled. Pressure distribution in 6 characteristic points was provided, and so were the flow rates in the anterior, middle and posterior section of the brain. Tests were run in the conditions reproducing the physiological state and in pathological conditions. Thus obtained results were compared with the results of simulations using the linear and nonlinear computer models of cerebral circulation. Nonlinear model gives significantly more accurate results comparing to the linear model (maximum average error is almost 16 times smaller), suggesting that flow in the CW is highly nonlinear.

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