Simultaneous Application of Hemopump and Mechanical Ventilation: Computer Simulation

C. De Lazzari (Italy), M. Darowski (Poland), G. Ferrari, G. Tosti, M. Guaragno, and D.M. Pisanelli (


Assist Device, Mechanical Ventilation, Numerical Simulation


The aim of this work is to predict the influence of mechanical ventilation on haemodynamic variables in different circulatory conditions when Hemopump is applied. To study this interaction we used a computer simulator of human cardiovascular system in which lumped parameters models are used to reproduce the circulatory phenomena in terms of pressure and volume relationships. Variable elastance models reproduce the Starling's law of the heart, for each ventricle. In the study the left ventricular elastance assumed two different values. Systemic arterial resistance was changed during simulation. The influence of mechanical ventilation was introduced by positive mean thoracic pressure. Positive thoracic pressure, changes of peripheral resistance and different ventricular elastance values have a significant influence on haemodynamic variables.

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