Evaluation of Image Acquisition using Synchrotron Radiation in CMOS Sensor

J.K. Park, D.H. Kim, S.S. Kang, B.Y. Cha, K.H. Lee, H.K. Choi, and S.H. Nam (Korea)


Hybrid, CMOS image Sensor, monochromator,synchrotron radiation, phosphor


In this paper, the purpose is to develop imaging technique of synchrotron radiation using CMOS image sensor. The detector using hybrid method to be research in this lab was used, in order to increase image signal. We made experiments with 1B2 Whitebeam/microprobe beamline in PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory). Phosphor materials such as ZnS:(Ag,Li), ZnS:(Cu,Al), Y2O2S:Eu were produced by spin coating on glass. Synchrotron radiation images were acquired and evaluated from monochromatic light from monochromoator in PAL 1B2line. From obtained object and phantom, MTF was 0.15 in ZnS:(Ag,Li) phosphor, and 0.178 in ZnS :( Cu,Al) at 15 lp/mm. MTFs were unsystematic because thickness of phosphor and uniformity of surface were not optimized. It's expected to improve MTF and the quality of images as uniformity's optimized.

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