Non-rigid Registration for Stained Histological Sections of Atherosclerotic Arteries

M. Auer, P. Regitnig, and G.A. Holzapfel (Austria)


Registration, Histological Image, Atherosclerosis.


An automatic computer-based analysis of histological sec tions, which are differently stained, requires that they are related to each other. Histological images are, in general, accompanied with several artifacts and different contrasts, which require non-rigid registration. In this proceedings we present a novel hierarchical non-rigid registration al gorithm able to align images, which contain small image artifacts. The proposed algorithm is decomposed into a fast coarse rigid registration step and a slower, but finer non-rigid step using the elastic thin-plate spline interpola tion. Accuracy tests, performed for 20 histological images obtained from human arteries, have shown that the error measure is acceptable, and that the image noise does not cause any problem. The algorithm can be applied to vari ous multi-contrast elastic registration problems in medical imaging.

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