Emosys: A System to Study Hematological Diseases

A. Starita, P.F. Rossi, F. Caracciolo, and M. Petrini (Italy)


Clinical Technology, Patient Monitoring, Intelligent decision support system, Data mining, Hematological Diseases.


This paper describes a web-based system named Emosys, developed both for managing and studying hematological diseases. The system is made of independent modules for the clinical management, for the collection of data and for research on these diseases. To achieve this goal two main cooperating agents have been implemented. The first allows sharing the clinical collection of data among doctors and clinical operators of the same department and communicating with remote clinical sites. The second one implements data mining techniques, based on neural networks, to confirm known results and/or to find interesting, unknown relationships among the data. The system is now under validation at the clinical site.

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