Biomedical Modelling of Human Eyes for Surgical Interventions

K.P. Scherer, H. Guth, A. Quinte, and P. Stiller (Germany)


Biomedical behaviour, biological tissue deformation, corneal biomechanics, surgical planning, FEM simulation, lens system, human eye components


Concerning surgical and therapy planning for interventions at human eyes, especially at cornea and lens, computer based simulations are needed to predict the postoperative behaviour of the eye (vision) before surgical acts at the patients. In the Institute of computer science in the Research Center Karlsruhe a simulation system is developed for the refractive surgery methods. Biomechanical simulations are performed with the commercial tool ANSYS, where morphometric and material data of the human eye are very important. The deformation of the cornea after interventions is the input for further optical simulations to give answer concerning the quality of vision.

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