Sonophoresis Device with Single Flat Flextensional Transducer Developed for Ultrasound Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery System

S.H. Yeo and H.Y. Zhang (Singapore)


sonophoresis device, flat flextensional transducer,ultrasound, transdermal drug delivery.


A sonophoresis device with a flat flextensional ultrasound transducer is proposed. The optimum diameter, thickness and material types of vibration plate are simulated by FEM. The proposed flat flextensional ultrasound transducer has been fabricated and its characteristics are investigated. The simulation results of first resonance frequency and deformed profile obtained from FEM are compared with the experimental results which showed a reasonable agreement. When this proposed sonophoresis was operated at its first vibration mode by applying AC voltage 80 V, the transmission acoustic intensity, which was calculated from measured vibration velocity and transmission coefficient equation, reaches to 32.05 mW/cm2 .

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