Measurement of Head Position in Neurological Practice

D. Šturm, J. Stoklasa, and J. Hozman (Czech Republic)


Noninvasive Measurement, Head Position, Neurology


Project goal is development of a technique for accurate measurement of a native head position in 3D coordinate system, i.e. difference determination between anatomical coordinate system and physical coordinate system. In other words determination of aberration of anatomical horizontal, vertical and transversal plane from physical planes in degrees. A native hold of the head is changeable but it is held in close limits by healthy man. Big abnormities are depended on a body position (stand vs. lie), but in case of stand approximately correspond with physical space. Accurate measurement of a native hold of the head is difficult and has not been pursued until now. Measurement of bigger abnormities in case of pathological states is pursued either qualitatively by measuring of an abnormity from lead or by similar approximative methods or by sophisticated methods like search coil technique [1] or by scanning sensors fixed on the head. These techniques have a lot of disadvantages they require special plant, restrict an extent of movement of a patient or affect a position of a head by fixing sensors.

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