Automated Medical Diagnosis System (AMDS) with Normal Degree based on Fuzzy Logic

Y. Hata (Japan and USA), O. Ishikawa, S. Kobashi, K. Kondo, and T. Nakano (Japan)


Fuzzy logic, Normal degree, Medical diagnosis, Medicalimaging


This paper describes an automated medical diagnosis system (AMDS), which determines a normal degree for a medical sign or disease based on fuzzy logic. First, we summarize normal degree on theory of hierarchical definability (THD) by Zadeh. Second, we show flow chart of AMDS, which consists of two parts; one is construction of AMDS and the other is calculation of normal degrees. Third, we demonstrate two examples of AMDS: one is AMDS for diagnosing Alzheimer disease and Frontotemporal dementia and the other is personal AMDS for diabetes. Finally we conclude technical results.

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