Towards an Automated Evaluation Process for Software Architectures

R. Bashroush, I. Spence, P. Kilpatrick, and T.J. Brown (UK)


Software Architecture, Evaluation, Tools, ATAM


Optimizing and editing enterprise software systems, after the implementation process has started, is widely recognized to be an expensive process. This has led to increasing emphasis on locating mistakes within software systems at the design stage, to help minimize development costs. There is increasing interest in the field of architecture evaluation techniques that can identify problems at the design stage, either within complete, or partially complete architectures. Most current techniques rely on manual review-based evaluation methods that require advanced skills from architects and evaluators. We are currently considering what a formal Architecture Description Language (ADL) can contribute to the process of architecture evaluation and validation. Our investigation is considering the inter-relationships between the activities performed during the architecture evaluation process, the characteristics an ADL should possess to support these activities, and the tools needed to provide convenient access to, and presentation of architectural information.

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