An Experience of Continuous Development -- Formulating Requirements Concurrently with System Implementation

K.R.P.H. Leung (PRC)


Continuous Development, Software Process


Project development time has been far shortened due to keen competition and fast going business. Short allowed development time is a great challenge to software engi neers. Very often, clients only have a very vague idea about the functions the system should provide. Due to time con straint, the system requirements are formulated and spec ified in parallel with the system implementation. In some cases, the system requirements are developed and revised continuously concurrentlywith the system implementation. We call software system development of this kind Contin uous Development. Most software engineering methods need well specified requirements before the system anal ysis and design phrases can begin. However in continuous development, this condition is unsatisfiable as the require ments have not yet formulated, not to say being specified. Our development of Web Content Search Engine and Web Content Management System for the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is a project of this kind. The time allowed for the project was only five months. By making use of some strategies namely highly parallelized processes, domain ontological model, client participation, incremental development and duplication of effort, we suc ceed in completing the project on time. In this paper, we discuss our approach in tackling the challenge and our ex perience learned from this project.

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