A Data Validation Method in Requirement Specification of Software Application

A. Thadadech, P. Bhattarakosol (Thailand), and F. O'Brien (Australia)


Validation Methodology, Diagram Generator, literateprogramming and Software engineering tool,requirements contract


The purpose of this paper is a technique for checking requirement contract, which signed between client and software developer. A validation of software requirements contract, which is requirements of software contract, was written in text mode, and it will convert to news form in the graphic mode. This research has developed a software prototype for Contract-Based Diagram Generator (CBDG) that can generate a piece of data declaration code in C and also a diagram for elaborating relationships among classes. Then we transform the outcome, which came from CBDG to develop software in literate programming. The concept of literate programming can split source code to code of the software application. This new technique is useful for users who want to check and ensure that validation method in the application based on the requirement specification. The benefit of doing this is the user can check the software requirements and also run the application, which creates, by literate programming in parallel with documentation.

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