A Use-Case Driven Approach to Component Mining for Legacy Modernization

H.S. Kim and C.H. Kim (Korea)


Legacy modernization, Component mining, EnterpriseJavaBeans (EJB), Software Maintenance


Due to not only proven stability and reliability but a significant investment and years of accumulated experience and knowledge, legacy systems have supported the core business applications of a number of organizations over many years. While the emergence of Web-based e-business environments requires externalizing core business processes to the Web. Consequently, organizations now need to mine the business value buried in the legacy systems for reuse in new e-business applications. In this paper we suggest a systematic approach to mining components that perform specific business services and that consist of the legacy system's assets to be leveraged on the modern platform. The activities are divided into several tasks. First, use cases that realize the business processes are captured. Secondly, the identified use cases are analyzed to integrate use cases that have similar functionalities. Thirdly, component candidates are identified. Next, we identify the common elements and then adjust the component candidates. Finally, a business component is divided into three more fine-grained components to deploy it onto J2EE/EJB environments.

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