Toward Programming Paradigms for Agent Oriented Software Engineering

S.J. Juneidi (Greece)


MAS/ABS modeling, OOSE, AOSE, programmingparadigms.


Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is defined as a new trend in computing with methodologies and modeling techniques for integrating agent entities in the software system, proposed to answer the increasingly complex distributed, large, open, dynamic, unpredictable, heterogeneous, and highly interactive application environments. Motivated by at least two main fields in computer science, Software Engineering (SE), and Agent Base Computing, with great amount of overlapping and related fields which create confusion and unclear view of a formal description of Agent Oriented System in terms of analysis, design and implementation, This paper helps the readers to clear the confusion toward the future of AOSE through returning to the basic definitions, based on the reflective relation between programming paradigms as the tool of software application and SE approach's evolutions

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