A Model for Developing Web-based Distributed and Parallel Genetic Algorithms

M. Tang (Australia)


Web-based Software Engineering, Model, Framework, Genetic Algorithm


Genetic algorithms (GAs) are generally able to find good solutions in reasonable amounts of time, but as they are ap plied to larger and harder problems they are very demand ing in terms of computation time and memory. On the other hand, the Internet is the most powerful distributed and par allel computation environment in the world. The idle cycles of the computers connected to it are increasingly being rec ognized as a huge untapped source of computation power. Hence, it is desirable to develop web-based Distributed and Parallel Genetic Algorithms (DPGAs). Although a number of models for developing DPGAs have been proposed, all the models are not tailored for developing DPGAs over the Internet. This paper proposes a model for developing web based DPGAs, and presents a framework for its implemen tation.

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