The GRelC Project: Towards Grid-DBMS

G. Aloisio, M. Cafaro, S. Fiore, and M. Mirto (Italy)


Grid-DBMS, Grid-Database, Relational Data Source, Grid Computing, Web/Grid Services, Open Grid Service Archi tecture


Several Data Grid applications need to manage a lot of data distributed across heterogeneous and wide spreaded resources and stored in Relational Databases. RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) are not grid enabled (with the notable exception of Oracle), so in order to provide security, transparency, robustness, efficiency and dynamic mechanisms in a Grid environment a new concept can be introduced: the Grid-DBMS. After defining it, we talk about an implementation built on top of the Globus Toolkit: the Grid Relational Catalog Project (GRelC) de veloped at the CACT/ISUFI Laboratory of the University of Lecce. Then we present the basic architecture discussing about its main features and components.

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