Scheduling and Evaluation of Sequential and Parallel Processes’ Interaction in a Nondedicated Cluster

A.B. Mnaouer (Singapore) and B. Al-Riyami (Oman)


performance evaluation, process interaction scheduling, nondedicated clusters, parallel processes


This paper presents a performance evaluation of the inter actions between local sequential processes running on be half of interactive applications and parallel processes run ning as part of an overall parallel application on a nonded icated cluster environment. To control the interactions be tween the two types of processes we propose to constrain the scheduling of local interactive processes by a measure of the maximum response time expected by the worksta tion (WS) user. The measure is assumed obtained through empirical studies. We propose a scheduling scheme that within the max-response time cycle computes time quanta to satisfy both local interactive processes present in the sys tem and the parallel task process. Simulation results have shown the effectiveness of the proposed method in allow ing the parallel tasks to ensure a minimum speedup even in heavy loaded situations and to maximize the speedup adaptively depending on the load conditions. In addition, the simulation results revealed the sensitivity of the interac tions to factors such as interactive job demands, parallel job demand, and arrival rate of interactive jobs among others.

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