Storage Groups: A New Approach for Providing Dynamic Reconfiguration in Data-based Clusters

M.S. Pérez, A. Sánchez, J.M. Peña, V. Robles, J. Carretero, and F. García (Spain)


I/O system, cluster computing, dynamic reconfiguration, multiagent architecture, parallel I/O.


The usage of clusters constitutes an appropriate frame work to the parallel and distributed computing, which provides a huge number of advantages, such as low costs, easy deployment, high reliability and mainly the wide availability of tools integrated with them. This kind of infrastructures allows applications to share and access data in an efficient way. Nevertheless, it is necessary to use new approaches for solving the problem of data management in a changing environment, where the clusters are reconfigured dynamically and, therefore, data servers are modified. This paper describes storage groups as a formalism for achieving high-performance and dynamic reconfiguration of data-based clusters.

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