Blueline: A Distributed Bluetooth Scatternet Formation and Routing Algorithm

M.-T. Chou and R.-S. Chang (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, Routing Algorithm


E-learning is more and more often conducted wirelessly. Among the technologies used for short-distance wireless E-learning, Bluetooth technology is a best-known tech nology. Bluetooth still has some issues left open in the current specification. Among them, the scatternet forma tion and routing are two major issues. In this paper, we proposed a new Bluetooth scatternet formation algorithm and its routing algorithm. Our method constructs and maintains a scatternet in a distributed way and does not need all nodes to be in the transmission range of each other. We use the PARK mode to let Bluetooth devices have more chances to link each other in order to build a better-connected scatternet. We also propose an on de mand routing algorithm for the scatternet. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithms are quite effi cient and effective.

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