Improving Scalability in QoS Guarantee MN to MN Mobile Communication using Traffic Engineered MPLS Path

W. Liu, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)


Mobile IP, QoS, MPLS, Scalability


Recently, the QoS guarantee is required in order to realize various mobile real time communications. So far, there are some studies focusing on QoS Mobile IP communication, but they require backbone routers to maintain per-flow QoS information for all individual Mobile Nodes. Therefore, these approaches suffer from scalability problems at backbone routers. Against them, we are developing an approach in which the per-flow QoS information is maintained only by Mobile IP nodes, such as Home Agents and Foreign Agents. We have adopted a hierarchical method using MPLS in which traffic engineered MPLS paths with large bandwidth are introduced between Mobile IP nodes, and in which a per flow path with small bandwidth called Pathlet is established for individual communication among Mobile nodes. The maintenance of Pathlets is only performed by Mobile IP nodes, and backbone MPLS routers take care of only MPLS paths with large bandwidth. In the simulation, we compare our scheme with conventional scheme by observing the total number of entries managed by routers and bandwidth prepared at individual links. The results show that that our scheme can reduce the number of QoS related management information at backbone routers without large bandwidth pre-allocated for traffic engineered MPLS paths.

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