Design and Development of a JXTA Middleware for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

M. Bisignano, A. Calvagna, G. Di Modica, and O. Tomarchio (Italy)


MANET, P2P, mobile computing, JXTA, mobile code


The combination of personal computing devices and wire less ad-hoc networks allows the concept of mobile ad-hoc information system, consisting of a highly dynamic, de centralized and self-organizingnetwork of autonomous and mobile devices that interacts as peers. Application devel opers have to deal with a new set of problem peculiar of these systems, due to user and terminal mobility, to low bandwidth, to transient loss of connectivity and to lack of centralized infrastructure. Starting from an existing open software framework for P2P systems, JXTA, in this work we tried to define a new middleware, named Expeerience, to face with these problems. The introduction of a mobile code service is one of the main innovation introduced, al lowing the dynamic services deployment at runtime. An example application is finally presented, showing the ben efit of the new middleware mechanisms introduced and the low overhead needed for developing an application for ad hoc environments.

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