Adaptive Beam-Former Generalized Detector in Wireless Sensor Networks

V. Tuzlukov, W.-S. Yoon, and Y.D. Kim (Korea)


Adaptive detection, adaptive signal processing, array sig nal processing, adaptive side-lobe blanking.


This paper is concerned with a generalized detector (GD) constructed based on the generalized approach to signal processing (GASP) in noise and employed in wireless se nsor networks. The GD decides if an observation contains a multidimensional signal belonging to one space or if it contains a multidimensional signal belonging to an ortho gonal subspace when unknown complex Gaussian noise is present. We evaluate the performance of the generalized detector in both the matched and mismatched signal cases Our results show that for constant power complex Gaussi an noise, if the signal is matched to the steering vector, the GD performance outperforms the adaptive matched fi lter (AMF), the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT), the adaptive coherence estimator (ACE), and the adaptive beam-former orthogonal rejection test (ABORT).

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