Monitoring WLANs for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

N.L. Harshini, G. Sridhar, and V. Sridhar (India)


WLAN-security, Man-in-the-middle, Intrusion detection. 1.


The vulnerabilities of 802.11 networks have been of a great concern for users and owners of WLANs. Several types of attacks have been reported and been studied extensively by researchers world over. In this paper, we address the man-in-the-middle attack that is very common in WLANs. We propose a Security Monitoring System (SMS) that provides an MS with additional information. This information helps the MS to detect the anomaly in the network communication and thus detect the intrusion. Further, we propose a scheme for collecting behavioral information of an attacker during an attack with the help of a virtual MS configured within an AP. Virtual MS mimics an MS and on being attacked, collects and provides SMS with the behavioral pattern of the attacker.

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