The Domain Name Plug and Play Mechanism in the IPv6 Networks

S. Park (India), S. Madanapalli, P. Kim, and Y. Kim (Korea)


IPv6, DNS, Domain Name, Plug and Play


This paper proposes a mechanism to automatically configure domain names for IPv6 networks using Domain Name Auto-Configuration (called 6DNAC). 6DNAC allows the automatic registration of domain names and their corresponding IPv6 addresses with the DNS server. In order to achieve the plug and play feature in DNS, 6DNAC proposes a few extensions to the Neighbor Discovery Protocol. IPv6 networks implementing the 6DNAC mechanism would be capable of both auto generating domain names and registering them with the DNS Server. In addition, all IPv6 users can register unique domain names along with their IPv6 global addresses with the DNS server automatically. This paper assumes that the reader is familiar with the DNS [2] and its use.

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