A Feedback Control Information and Algorithm For ABR Traffic

K.-H. Choi, M.-H. Shin, C.-H. Kwon, and S.-H. Bae (Korea)




VCNs (Virtual-Connection Networks) of ATM network can be efficiently used to transport packet data services. The switching system will support voice and packet data services simultaneously from end to end applications. To guarantee quality of service (QoS) of the offered services, source rate to send packet data is needed to control the network overload condition. Most existing control algorithms are shown to provide the threshold based feedback control technique. However, real-time voice calls can be dynamically connected and released during data services in the network. If the feedback control information delays, quality of the serviced voice can be degraded due to a time delay between source and destination in the high speed link. An adaptive algorithm based on the optimal least mean square error technique is presented for the predictive feedback control technique. The algorithm attempts to predict a future buffer size from weight factor(slope) adaptation of unknown functions, which are used for feedback control. Simulation results are presented, which show the effectiveness of the algorithm.

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