Video Enabled Interactive Multimedia Messaging Service

J. Shen, R. Yan, D. Xie, and S. Song (PRC)


MMS, Interactivity, H.264/AVC, Video Service


MMS promises rich contents and a dramatic increase in messaging capabilities. However, MMS messages with video clips cannot be sent over current mobile networks because of bandwidth limitations. Meanwhile, the current MMS standard has weak interactivity to support various application models, which not only makes the client be the end node of the information flow but also prevents the service providers from developing value-added services. To achieve the better user experience and enhanced interactivity, the video enabled interactive MMS (veiMMS) is introduced in this paper. Besides the standard MMS function, the veiMMS is able to provide the MMS video service under the current mobile network conditions. Furthermore, interactive capability is enhanced so that clients can deal with the multimedia messages and do immediate response simply and smoothly. The veiMMS is of great benefits, it offers a way to enrich the user experience, widen the MMS usage, format the data exchange and optimize the communication traffic.

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