Impact of Self-Similar Input Processes in the Initial Transient Period in Communication Networks

J.-S.R. Lee, H.-W. Park (Korea), and H.-D.J. Jeong (New Zealand)


Self-similar stochastic process with LRD, Teletraffic gen eration, Initial transient period, Communication network.


Self-similar stochastic processes with long-range depen dence occur in many natural and man-made systems. In particular, they have become the subject of numerous research investigations of their nature and consequences since such processes were discovered in the Internet and other multimedia telecommunication networks a decade ago. This paper shows that, assuming self-similar inter event processes, many more numbers of mean observa tions are required in the initial transient period, as in creases, than when assuming Poisson models, exhibiting short-range dependence. Two queueing systems are sim ulated in a fully automated simulation package, Akaroa-2 in methods of sequential simulation output data analysis of mean values based on spectral analysis and batch means.

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