A Block-free TGDH Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Group Communications

X. Zou and B. Ramamurthy (USA)


Secure group communication, Network security, Key man agement, DiffieHellman key exchange, Contributory key agreement


Secure group communication (SGC) has been an active re search area because several applications require it. In this paper, we propose a Block-Free Group Tree-based Diffie Hellman (BF-TGDH) key agreement protocol, based on a recently proposed Group Tree-based Diffie-Hellman (TGDH) key agreement protocol, for secure group com munication. The new protocol has the following specific properties: (1) no blocking during the rekeying process and seamless group communication without any interruption; (2) resistance to the Man-in-the-Middle attack; (3) authen tication of message senders using inherent (ElGamal) sig nature protocol.

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