A Block-free TGDH Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Group Communications

X. Zou and B. Ramamurthy (USA)


Secure group communication, Network security, Key man agement, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, Contributory key agreement


Secure group communication (SGC) has been an active re search area because several applications require it. In this paper, we propose a Block-Free Group Tree-based Diffie Hellman (BF-TGDH) key agreement protocol, based on a recently proposed Group Tree-based Diffie-Hellman (TGDH) key agreement protocol, for secure group com munication. The new protocol has the following specific properties: (1) no blocking during the rekeying process and seamless group communication without any interruption; (2) resistance to the Man-in-the-Middle attack; (3) authen tication of message senders using inherent (ElGamal) sig nature protocol.

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